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Artist Statement

I am in a constant search of new forms of visual expression. My creative process originates with what I identify as a non-moment-- When constant thought ceases, and shifts into movement and line, paint and canvas. My path is through unconsciousness of the gesture.

Subject matter remains only a starting point, as the direct action of painting itself takes over and dictates my course. Each painting strives to elicit a glimpse of the “visual thought”, before the thought becomes  transformed into instinctual emotion


Selected Exhibitions

Soho gallery, LA, Nov 2006

Icon Interiors, Tour Arbitare, Italia, Dec 2006

Lurie Fine Arts, Miami Art and Design, Jan 2007

Ambrogi Castanier, Euro Expo, May 2007

Cella/ Lurie gallery, LA, Nov 2007

Cella Gallery, March 2008

LACMA Gallery Expo, April 2008

Santa Monica Museum, Incognito, May 2008

Fall City Expo, Carmel, IN. Nov 2008

Art Miami, Dec 2008

The Gallery on Sunset, Feb 2009

Evan Lurie Gallery, IN, June 2009

Icon Gallery, February 2010

Icon Gallery, West Week March 2010

Blank Space, Chelsea NYC, May 2010

Tracy Park Gallery, Malibu Ca, Sept. 2010 

Icon Gallery, February 2011

The Los Angeles 2012 Art Show 

The San Francisco 2012 Art Fair

The Los Angeles 2013 Art Show LETS auction

ArtHamptons 2013


Artwork Featured In

The WB’s Gillmore Girls

Western Interiors Magazine

The Greystone Mansion Home Show 2007

Home and Design Magazine, Las Vegas

Luxe Magazine, Spring Edition 2008

Elle Decor, June 2009

Artslant Abstract Juried Competition Winner November 2009

Contemporary Masters Volume IV,

World Wide Art Books 2011 edition

Los Angeles Times Magazine March 2010

The Avenues of Design July 2010 

Venice 33rd Artwalk May 2011

One Kings Lane “Art Days”/ Domino Magazine

Luxe Magazine